Treatment Costs

As treatment requirements vary from person to person, we always carry out an assessment and give you an estimate of the costs involved before we commence any work. Please ask us about treatment options if you have any questions - we are always happy to explain your choices and help you decide the best course of treatment for you.

What is Private Dentistry?

Excellent dentistry is a skill. It demands time, care and attention. It also requires high quality materials and technical support of the highest standards. The new techniques developed for modern dentistry also requires additional knowledge and new equipment. The dental surgeon determines the time required to carry out the procedure.

How are the costs determined?

Fees are determined on the basis of setting aside the right amount of time to perform a procedure thoroughly and carefully using the finest techniques. We use materials of the highest quality and the best technical services. We feel that the fees are reasonable, represent excellent value for money and are consistent with the high quality of care we deliver.

Members' Fee Guide

Composite (tooth coloured) fillings from £40
Amalgam (silver coloured) fillings from £30
Root Canal Treatment from £130
Extractions from £45
Crowns from £275
Partial Denture from £225
Full Dentures (upper & lower) from £400
Bridgework (per unit) from £250
Tooth Whitening from £300
Veneers from £230
Implants (on referral) from £2,000
Mouth Guard from £45
Bite Split (grinding) from £60
Anti-snoring device from £200

Plan Membership Costs

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