Our Membership Plan

What is our Membership Plan?

We provide private dentistry under our Membership Plan which offers a simple, flexible way to pay for your routine maintenance dental care. In return for an affordable monthly payment we provide you with a comprehensive maintenance programme. We promise to clearly state the cost of any additional treatment that you may require in advance.

The Membership Plan encourages prevention and maintenance, putting a much bigger emphasis on treating the cause rather than the symptoms. Patients who attend regularly for examinations and oral hygiene visits are less likely to need intervention in the form of treatment. This means a saving for you.

Why should I become a member?
What is included in the plan?
What is the cost of our Membership Plan?
How do I pay?
Do I need to be dentally fit to join?
What if I already have private dental health insurance (for example BUPA or HSA)?
How do I join?
Standard adult category - £16 per month
Adults with full upper and lower dentures – £40 annually
Children under 18