Meet our Hygienist

Profiles of our Dental Hygienists can be found on our Meet the Team page.

Who are Dental Hygienists?

Dental Hygienists are specially trained to work with the Dentist in giving Dental care to the patients. They play a very important role and are mainly concerned with ensuring and maintaining total oral health.

They undertake a two- year course to obtain a Diploma in Dental Hygiene. A three- year degree course is also available. The General Dental Council has approved the use of the letters EDH as a short title for Enrolled Dental Hygienists.

Does every dental practice have a Hygienist?
What do they do?
Why is this treatment so important?
Why doesn't the Dentist do this work?
Will it hurt?
How much does it cost?
I am a new patient and I only want to see the Hygienist. What are the rules?
I am already registered with another dentist, but would like to only see the hygienist at your practice. What is the procedure?