Cross Infection Control

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Sterilisation and Cross Infection Control

How We Protect You - our infection control procedure & instrument sterilisation

In modern dental care you are assured that all precautions are being taken to protect you. Rest assured that your visits to the dentist are safe! Everything possible is done to protect you from infection. No one should avoid the dentist because of fear of infection.

Protecting you is a priority to us

Protecting you from infection is a priority to us, so we want you to understand the many ways we ensure your safety.

Universal precautions

Since there are many different diseases that are contagious (can be transmitted from one person to another), we assume that every encounter has the potential for infection. For that reason, we follow guidelines known as universal precautions.

Universal precaution means that we treat all patients as though they may be potentially infectious. This allows us to eliminate the possibility of passing a disease from one patient to another. Precautions are also taken to reduce the possibility of transmitting infection from a dental worker to a patient.

What specific steps are taken to control infection?

At Comber Dental Practice we pay particular attention to general cleanliness, disinfection, sterilisation, and the use of protective clothing when needed.

The Sterilisation Room

We have a dedicated central Sterilisation Room. It is designed to ensure zoning and elimination of cross infection. All sterile instruments are covered and housed in sterile bays. This room is situated at the rear of the practice and can be viewed on request.  Click here for photographs of the Sterilisation Room.

Surface disinfection

All surfaces that might possibly come into contact with infection-carrying materials are disinfected with approved chemicals between each patient.

Cleaning and sterilisation of instruments